Blogs that I Read Routinely

Cosmos the in Lost

This blog, belonging to Artur Sebastian Rosman, features unique points of view pertaining to theology, philosophy, and modern culture. Rosman have an interest in the Polish intellectual and literary tradition and if one is interested in an introduction to phenomenology or Polish poetry just be sure to catch his book recommendations.

Dominicana Blog

This blog is hosted by the Order of Preachers, Province of St. Joseph. The posts on this blog are a series of enriching reflections that are simple and straight forward. The site is a great resource and strikes a balance between being too academic and being too pop-culture.

Ethika Politika

Ethika Politika is a website that features up-and-coming or overlooked writers/commentators on a wide variety of social issues from a mostly Catholic perspective (a hand-full of contributors are not Catholic, but identify as traditional Christians). The site was started by Andrew Haines and is a good alternative to the more rigid dichotomy left v. right dichotomy within contemporary American Catholicism. I would recommend this site for accessible, but deep, insight into contemporary ethical issues.

Humanum Review

Humanum Review is a free online journal hosted by the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family and focuses on issues pertaining to the human person. Common themes are psychology, medicine, the family, and technology. The contributors to the journal come from a cross-section of professional fields and backgrounds.

Mark Gordon/Aleteia

Mark Gordon’s contributions to the site Aleteia are worth reading. Gordon’s commentary on current events and contemporary culture attempt to bring sanity to issues and topics that quickly become plastered in sound-bites. Gordon draws from Catholic teaching to show how a practical Catholic can approach such issues.

Opus Publicum

Opus Publicum is a blog that belongs to Gabriel Sanchez a aviation lawyer and commentator on Catholic Social Issues. This blog takes a critical eye towards the golden calves of contemporary American neo-conservatism and libertarianism. Sanchez also has an interest in the liturgy and the Eastern Churches.


Sancrucensis is contains the writings, long and short, of Fr. Edmund Waldstein, O. Cist., who is a friar and novice instructor at Heiligenkreuz Abbey in Austria. Common themes in his blog include the Thomistic philosophy of Charles de Koninck, the Liturgy, Christian culture in Europe, and political philosophy. Waldstein himself belongs to an Austrian noble family steeped in the Catholic tradition. No doubt, Sancrucensis is probably one of the best blogs on the internet.

Search for Truth

This blog belongs to Fr. Mariusz Tabuszek, OP, a Dominican friar studying at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley California. Fr. Tabuszek’s blog discusses the Scholastic tradition in science and discusses topics in contemporary science. His writings are straight-forward and do not involve the reader to be a disciplined scholar. In fact his posts are written to engage those who with a general interest in the relationship between physical science, philosophy, and theology.

Solidarity Hall

Solidarity Hall was formed by a group of like-minded people and provideds social commentary drawn from a wide array of sources (film, books, mystics, philosophers).

The Josias

The Josias is a blog that runs social commentary from a traditional Catholic perspective and puts a critical eye on political liberalism and modernity as a whole.


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